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Generation X: Career Trends

Photography is an art form. Pictures capture moments that we can never get back. Your fourth birthday party, you and your dad that has now passed, even that day when you wore an amazing outfit and received dozens of compliments from men and women alike. Have you ever noticed when you accidentally deleted a picture and you felt as if you lost a piece of yourself ? A picture can tell a story, it can evoke emotion and it can also fool you. Our generation has birth a new and fairly large spawn of “photographers” , that don’t all seem to treasure the art as they should. Purchasing a DSLR camera because its “cool” and actually calling themselves a photographer. A title means nothing without action behind it, anyone can snap a picture but do you truly have a love for the art form and appreciate it ? That’s something I’ve noticed about this generation, their career choices lack depth and variety. Rappers, models, singers, stylists,fashion designers and of course photographers. What’s bothersome is the fact that it’s clear that not all of these individuals truly love those jobs. Leaving their OWN dreams behind to persue what’s in. Some even go to college majoring in these careers only to be left with a degree in something unwanted wasting money and more importantly time. Do what you love, think before you act and follow your own dreams.

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  1. Great post. It is wonderful for people to follow their dreams, but dreams can be both good and bad. Your calling for people to reflect upon their career pathways calls for them to decipher the good dreams from the bad ones.


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