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My Muse Part II: Dani Stahl

Those who know me, know how much I admire Dani Stahl. For those who have not read my previous post she is the Editor-at-large for NYLON magazine, the most stylish woman I know (other than my mom) and a jewelry designer for Lia Sophia. As I have mentioned, I look up to her because of her job, work ethic and Dani seems as if she is the coolest person ever when I watch videos that she’s in. Her “Factory Girl” segments in NYLON keep me motivated. The fact that she’s on television now (watch scouted Mondays at 10pm on E!) is even more satisfying. Not to mention she randomly followed me on twitter and tweeted me, let me tell you I nearly died. Tears even came to my eyes, (judge me I don’t care, lol) it just lengthened my appreciation for her even more. My dream is to interview her one day and I’ll do any and everything to make that dream come true. For me interviews allow me to get to know people that inspire, I’d like to think of it as a conversation.
Here is the month old Blue Fly’s Closet confessions featuring Dani, in which she shows us her apartment that as you will see is basically a huge closet. Beautiful jewelry, an eclectic shoe/sneaker and clothing collection, bags to die for, sun glass heaven (takes breath) and a beautiful personality to draw you in keeps you connected and wanting more from Ms. Stahl.

()[update* she saw this post and loved it !!!]

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  1. Nice post, and congratulations. It is always great to finally come into personal contact with people you have looked up to for a while. It really shows the humanity of those who have found fame in this life. Good luck with the interview.


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