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Style Musings With Chanel

Style is one’s way of saying “this is me” to the world without uttering a word. Style is being upset, happy or sad and literally wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Style is universal and descriptively expressive. Style is rebellion, conformity and neutrality all at once. Style is everything or nothing, depending on who you ask. Style is the most sought after form of expression to date. Style is 24-year-old Chanel Butler. As you scroll down Butler’s fashion blog, you become caught in her web of clothing creativity. It’s not hard to become a fan of the luxury goods consignor (how fitting?) as her posts devour you one by one. Her ensemble choices are brilliantly striking while always possessing an infinite quality. With a goal such as owning an online and brick-and-mortar boutique consisting of her favorite fashion, beauty and home décor pieces, the Cali bred beauty oozes enthusiasm.
  Going into her fourth year with Chanel Files, Butler prevails as a rare gem in the world of blogging.

 How did Chanel Files come to be? What exactly was it that sparked the idea to start a style blog?

Chanel: I created ChanelFiles my junior year of college simply to showcase my personal style. At the time blogging was fairly new and it was something I wanted to tap into. I had no idea what I was doing but eventually I would figure it out.
Though I couldn’t imagine it, in your younger years, did you have any tragic style moments?
 I wouldn’t necessarily say I had any tragic style moments, but I certainly went through a short phase of monogram Coach bags with the matching sneakers, full-on Rocawear and Baby Phat ensembles and the occasional splurge on a pair of the latest Jordans. (eww, so sad.)


Since you’ve made your way into the blogosphere, what has been the most exciting part of being a style blogger?
 One of the most exciting parts of being a blogger is the feedback I receive from my followers. The mere fact that people log onto Chanelfiles or follow my Instagram page just to see what I’m wearing or up to is beyond flattering if you ask me.
You’re signature style seems to be glamorous yet simple and chic. Did this come naturally over the years or did you decide that this style of dress fits you best?
I would say a little bit of both. My style over the years has certainly become a bit more refined and classic but I will always love a good pop of color or print. I like to refer to my style as a lot of Jackie-O but always with a hint of Carrie Bradshaw.


If you could chose a theme song that you had to get dressed to every day, for the rest of your life, what song would it be?
Beyonce “Grown Woman.” I’m only 24 but I have the freedom and capability to do whatever I want.
One awesome thing about you is that you mix and match brands and high/low end items. What are some of your go-to low end brands that always deliver?
I’m glad you mentioned that because mixing high and low-end brands is something that truly represents my sense of style. I love being able to tap into every aspect of fashion; getting the best of both worlds. Nonetheless, some of my favorite low-end brands are Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy and Zara. (even though they straddle the fence)


What element of nature inspires things you buy the most?
I would easily say flowers. Having a fresh bouquet of flowers is a must for me and depending on the season, the colors can easily influence an outfit of the day or blog post.
Is there anyone that you’d love to switch closets with for a day?
Wow. That’s so hard but I guess I would say Olivia Palermo. She has a classic and timeless wardrobe that will always be in style regardless of fashion trends.
You know you’re a blogger when . . .
You take pictures of every.single.thing you eat or are “inspired by” when out and about.

1.      A pastel colored bag. Pastels are major for the coming spring & frankly, I think they’re year-around appropriate.  

   2.  Another pair of metallic oxfords. I finally got my hands on the Zara version around Christmas and I have been wearing them to death. Forever 21 has a pair that I’m loving and  need in my closet ASAP!
   3. A cream-colored boyfriend blazer. I have one in black and navy blue, so it’s only appropriate that I have a cream one. Right? 
    4. Another pair of sunnies. Every year I invest in a new pair of sunglasses and last year I invested in 2 pairs of Karen Walkers. (aren’t they amazing?!) But, this year I’m all about Prada and there’s a pair I’ve been eyeing.
5.      The perfect bright pink lipstick. Sadly I have yet to find a shade I love.
To connect with Chanel, Visit Chanel Files follow her on instagram HERE and don’t forget to tweet her!
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