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Women Who Work: MAAD * MOISELLE

Musically, MAAD*MOISELLE is equipped with the talent of 1,000 soul singers. Soul singers that have the rare luxury of being melodiously versatile while never losing themselves. Physically, she exhibits the reflection of a runway model who has gracefully adorned the pages of dozens of magazines. Mentally, she allows her enterprising thoughts to manifest prestige into her anything but ordinary life. The indie artist who is the product of a father that is a musician and a mother that is a designer, continues to open doors for herself whether it’s in modeling (having been featured in Cosmopolitan, Vibe and Seventeen) or through her attention-grabbing tracks. It doesn’t just stop there. Style wise, MAAD is a fusion of Diana Ross and Gwen Stefani — extravagant and classy but evidently rock and roll. MAAD*MOISELLE, who is originally from New York is making her way up the ladder of success and the world has no choice but to open their eyes and well, their ears. As she gears up to release her highly anticipated EP Indigo on March 4th, I had a chat with the model turned singer.

Maad*Moiselle is such a distinguished stage name, what is its origin?
Maad: My name comes from my love of Parisian culture and style. Also, for the longest my mother would call me Mademoiselle and it just stuck! 
When you’re living to fulfill your passions, you encounter many inspirations along the way. Who are some people that have influenced you along the way? In what ways?
Inspiration is all around us and I put a lot of that into my music. Some of the people that have inspired me musically have been Diana Ross and Tina Turner to name a few. I’ve studied their stage presence, the way they captivate an audience and their fashion. 
Being that you’ve accomplished so much in both the modeling and music world, what’s your #1 tip for anyone pursuing either career? 
To keep going. I’ve heard so many no’s before I heard a yes. But, when you have something that you want to do so badly and it’s engraved into your heart, you find a way to overcome that disappointment. With that said, if you want something bad enough, go for it and don’t stop. Right before your about to quit that’s when the magic happens. 
What is it that motivates you to keep going being that sometimes your journey will get rough?
Everyone around me motivates me. I have a strong group of people behind me that truly want me to succeed. I could never let them or myself down.
Take us through your creative process while writing a song. 
It really depends on what mood I’m in. When I go into the studio with my producer’s #PRODUCEDBYTHEVAMP we’ll sit and just talk about life, what’s going on and where I’m at emotionally. We just have normal conversation and then we’ll create the actual music around that.  

Since releasing ‘glitter’ is it shocking to see your growth from then to now?
Hell yeah! 100 percent. Although, it’s cool to see where I began. Even going further back to my first demo recordings, those things no longer make me cringe. I appreciate all of them. 
Your most recent and rad video for your single ‘Killa’ featuring ASAP Ferg, has been making its way into the headphones of many, including myself. What is it like having people respond so positively to your art?
It is an awesome feeling. As artists, we might live with our own music for years before anyone actually hears it. So when I release something and it’s received well, it feels amazing. 
One word to describe working with ASAP Ferg: 
Are you shooting another video for any single off of your EP? 
I actually just released a new video last week for my new single, titled “No Love“. It’s the second single from my upcoming EP “Indigo.”
Michael Jackson had the ‘Thriller’ era, Whitney Houston had the ‘I’m your baby tonight’ era. Say you had to walk in a musicians shoes during an era, which musician would it be and what era would it be? 
Hands down, Diana Ross! I’m completely obsessed with the whole Studio 54 era. The freedom, the fashion, the decadence. I would’ve loved to have been part of that. 
Maad, I couldn’t interview you without talking about your personal style. It’s edgy, fierce, striking and bold.  Describe your dream closet.
My dream closet is definitely a walk-in. Shoes from the ceiling to the floor. Leather, fur, amazing accessories, good basics. I just love to mix it up. My current obsession is sneakers and a t-shirt with a sick fur coat. 


What style icons would be the inspiration for that closet?
Carine Roitfeld, Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny. 
I read somewhere that you love to wear heels even though you are well off in the height area. Do you have a favorite pair?
I don’t. I love all of my shoes equally. (laughs)  
When you are not blessing the studio or runway, what can we find Maad doing?
I love to watch movies at home and going to restaurants and little coffee shops. I love to eat! Helps me to take my mind off of everything for a little bit. 
Your EP, Indigo is dropping sometime this year. What can we expect? 
Excited to say that “Indigo” will be out March 4th and you can expect to hear good feeling music. It’s very personal and really fun. 
Keep up with Maad Socially On: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and

Be SURE to stay tuned for the release of her EP Indigo on March 4th

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